Best Baby Clothing Brands

From never-ending growth spurts to accidents that require a fresh outfit, newborns and infants go through clothes quickly. So you’ll want a wardrobe filled with clothing that is versatile, functional and safe. Luckily, there are plenty of high-quality best baby clothing brands to keep you well-stocked, no matter what your style preference.

A one-piece outfit is a must-have for babies because it’s easy to get them dressed and undressed, plus it helps hold diapers in place. Whether it’s a kimono-style bodysuit (which has just three snaps in the crotch area) or a long or short-sleeve romper, they are a staple for every newborn’s closet. Look for ones with fold-over scratch mitts (which prevent tiny fingers from scratching themselves) and full leg openings to make nappy changes easier, and choose fabrics that are soft and stretchy.

It’s a good idea to have some basic pants, too, especially for winter months. You’ll also want a few pairs of socks, which are important for keeping little feet warm and comfy. In warmer weather, a footie pajama set is ideal for newborns because it’s a dress and a sleeper all in one. And don’t forget a cozy hat, especially in winter (but not when baby is asleep!). A beanie-style hat is perfect, but a cute hat with a hood is a great option if your baby doesn’t like to wear a beanie.

You’ll want a few sweaters and coats, too, for when it’s cold outside. You’ll also want some lightweight layers that will keep your newborn warm, but not overheated.

If your newborn has a lot of hair, you may need a hat for their head. But if they don’t, a soft and cozy blanket can do just as much to keep them warm, and it can double up for a nap or nursing cover.

Babies are often gifted clothes by family members, friends and other loved ones. That’s why it can be tempting to buy lots of new onesies in newborn size. But remember that most babies don’t fit into the newborn size for very long and they grow fast, so it’s better to buy one or two sizes ahead of what you think your baby might be wearing at a given time.

Look for high-quality clothing that is free from toxins, harmful dyes, flame retardants and other chemicals. Organic cotton is a good choice, as are cotton blends and modal fabric. You should also avoid buying clothes that are made overseas unless they come with a guarantee of adherence to Australian safety standards.