Burial Gowns and Dresses

burial gowns

Whether your loved one is being buried or cremated, choosing their burial clothes is an important part of the memorial service. It is an opportunity to respect their final journey and present them in a dignified manner. Burial attire may seem trivial to some, but for many people, the last visual memory of their loved ones is important and will be a lasting impression. While many funeral homes offer clothing options for a loved one’s viewing or open-coffin service, there are also many companies that sell customized garments to provide a more personalized option.

Typically, men are dressed in suits and women in funeral gowns or dresses. Depending on the religion, there are additional rules that should be followed to ensure that your loved ones’ funeral attire is appropriate. For example, Jewish individuals are typically buried in white shrouds while Jehovah’s Witnesses wear a dress and head covering called a yarmulke. Choosing an outfit that reflects your loved ones’ faith and captures their personality is a great way to pay tribute.

Although many of these garments are black and formal in style, there are a variety of choices available to help honor your loved one’s life and personality. For instance, LH Design has a line of gowns that are designed to be easily dressed on the body. They have openings all the way down the back so that a mortician can easily slip them over the deceased’s shoulders while they are laying in a supine position. These garments are typically made of light fabrics that can be adjusted to fit the body well.

Other clothing that can be used to dress a deceased person includes casual t-shirts or work or military uniforms, especially for older adults. There are even companies and charities that specialize in making custom baby funeral outfits for infants who were stillborn or died during a hospital stay or as a result of preemie conditions.

When it comes to deciding what your loved ones will wear for their memorial service, the most important thing is that you choose something they would be comfortable in. A general rule of thumb is to choose outfits that reflect their lifestyle and personality and stick with a respectful, modest tone.

A good way to help guide you in your choice of funeral attire is to talk with your loved ones and look at photos from their life to see what types of clothes they typically wore. It is also a good idea to take into account the weather for your funerary event, as it may affect the comfort and feel of the clothing.