Burial Gowns and Shrouds

burial gowns

As people plan funerals for loved ones who have died, they often struggle to decide what clothes they want the body dressed in. While many people choose to dress their deceased family members in clothing that was worn in life, other families opt for more formal attire to honor the person’s cultural background or religious beliefs. Regardless of how you choose to dress your deceased loved one, it is important that you keep their personality in mind and opt for clothing that fits their style.

The type of clothing you choose will also depend on the deceased’s age. Younger people tend to be buried in more casual clothes, such as a pair of jeans or a suit. Elderly people are usually dressed in a garment that is similar to the kind of attire they would wear on a daily basis. For example, if your elderly loved one was wearing a nightgown at home when they died, this would be an appropriate burial outfit.

For infants, you can choose to dress them in their regular baby clothing or opt for a specially-designed burial gown. A funeral home may be able to provide you with these gowns, which are typically designed to resemble smart night gowns or pyjamas. They may also have drawstrings across the back, which helps to adjust them to the size of the infant. You can also find companies that specialize in making burial gowns for babies, including those who were stillborn or were born prematurely.

If your loved one is to be cremated after their viewing or open-coffin funeral, you can place some of their belongings with them – but any items that are made of soft metal, such as their wedding ring or other precious jewelry, will not be able to be recovered once they are burned in the cremation process. You can also ask your funeral director to store these items for you if you wish.

For those who are planning a green burial, you can also use a shroud for your deceased loved ones. These are designed from environmentally friendly materials such as natural fibers that are grown, dyed, woven, and sewn in ways that are sustainable. Some are designed with false shirt fronts and other embellishments to make them look more like modern day wear, while others are more traditional and resemble funeral robes. You can find these at many funeral homes, or you can contact a funeral services provider who offers eco-friendly options for your green burial service. This can be a more cost-effective choice for those who are planning to save on the costs of a full-body casket funeral. Some people also use calico cloth from household silks or linen tablecloths to create their own custom burial shrouds. If you are making your own shroud for a green burial, consider using recycled fabric rather than new cloth to minimize the impact on the environment. You may even be able to find a cloth made from natural materials at your local thrift store.