Burial Gowns and Shrouds

burial gowns

When planning a funeral, many families choose to provide clothing for their loved one to wear in their casket. This is called a “burial outfit,” and it allows family members to help dress the body in clothes that truly represent their personality and lifestyle. This may be especially important if a funeral includes an open casket, as the outfit can provide comfort to friends and family who are viewing the body.

Some religions have specific rules about what a person is dressed in when they are buried or cremated. It is best to check with the religious leaders before deciding on an outfit for your loved one.

There are a variety of clothing options to consider for burial, including suits and dresses, as well as casual clothes. Choosing the right outfit for your loved one can be very emotional, but it is often helpful to think about how they would like to be remembered. For example, if your grandmother was a dedicated baker, you might want her to be dressed in her favorite apron and hat for her final service.

A shroud is a large piece of cloth that can be draped over a deceased individual to provide an attractive and respectful appearance for mourners. It can be made of any fabric, and it is usually decorated with leaves, flowers, or embroidery. Some people choose to make their own shrouds, but purchasing a pre-made shroud is an alternative. You can find shrouds on the Internet or at a local funeral supply store.

For those who prefer a green burial, natural shrouds are available that are made of calico or bamboo. They are a suitable choice for woodland burials and can be used with a traditional or cremation coffin.

Some funeral directors are skilled in dressing a body to look as natural as possible. They will often manipulate the garments to create a good look, and they can also put clothing on a corpse for viewing or transport.

Many people choose to dress their loved ones in their own personal style for their funeral, whether that means a suit and tie or a simple dress. Others choose to dress the body according to their occupation, affiliations, hobbies, or interests. A sports team uniform, for example, can be an appropriate outfit for a loved one who was an avid fan of the game.

When someone passes away, the burial outfit is likely to decompose along with the body, so it is important to keep this in mind when deciding on an outfit. The deterioration is influenced by the material, with natural fibers breaking down more quickly than synthetic fabrics.

While you are choosing an outfit for your loved one, remember to include some undergarments. Most funeral homes will keep a supply of undergarments on hand to use with a customer’s outfit, but it is a good idea to bring your own as well.