Burial Gowns – Choosing Attire For a Funeral

While it may be difficult, choosing burial attire is an important part of the funeral process. By considering your loved one’s personality, cultural background, religious beliefs, and personal style, you can select clothing that reflects their final journey.

The traditional option for burial attire is formal, with men wearing suits or dress shirts and women choosing dresses, skirts, or blouses. However, many families decide to wear casual clothing that represents their loved one’s lifestyle, hobbies, or sentimental items. Regardless of your choice, the clothing you choose should be clean and neatly pressed. If you’re unsure where to begin, ask your loved one’s family for guidance, and follow any clothing guidelines they may provide.

When it comes to colors, funerals typically have a more traditional air, with many people opting for black dresses or suits. While black is a popular color, it’s not the only option. There are many shades that can be appropriate for a funeral, including dark greens, navy blues, and ranges of greys. Subtle pastels are also a good choice, as they can convey a sense of serenity and peace.

In addition to the overall look of your attire, you should consider the fabric and the fit of your outfit as well. It’s important to avoid clothing that is too tight or revealing, as it can create a negative impression. Additionally, avoid bright colors and flashy accessories, as these may distract from the memorial service.

Many families opt to bury their loved ones in the outfits they were wearing when they passed away, especially if they were comfortable in them. This is a way to keep their memory close by and help them feel like they are going out in their best outfit. However, if you’re concerned about the outfit’s comfort, you can always opt for a soft wrap or blanket in the same hue as their funeral gown.

The attire you choose should reflect your loved one’s personality, as well as the overall tone of the ceremony. For example, if your loved one was very energetic and lively in life, you should consider selecting an outfit that is vibrant and colorful. Conversely, if your loved one was very spiritual and introspective, you may want to select a darker shade for their clothing.

It’s also important to take into consideration your loved one’s religious beliefs and traditions, as they may have specific clothing guidelines or requirements. If you know your loved one’s faith, consult with religious leaders or clergy members to ensure that the attire you select is compliant with their beliefs. Additionally, if your loved one’s religion or culture requires certain garments or symbols for their funeral and interment, you should incorporate those into their burial attire as well. This will give your loved one a more meaningful and respectful burial.