Shopping Tips For Baby Clothing

When you’re dressing a tiny human, each piece of clothing needs to meet several criteria: it has to fit properly and look adorable. You’ll also want clothes that are appropriate for the weather and occasion. For example, a light jacket will help keep your baby warm during cold weather, while a cute outfit is essential for attending family parties and events.

Newborns will need a few sets of onesies, rompers and footie pajamas (also known as sleep and plays) in their newborn size. These outfits are ideal for daytime wear and nightwear. You’ll also need a few blankets, diapers and wipes to complete your baby’s wardrobe.

The main thing to consider when shopping for baby clothing is the fabric and fiber content. Look for cotton fabrics, which are soft and comfortable against your baby’s skin. Also, opt for clothes with knit construction and fabric that’s stretchy to accommodate your growing baby. Closures, such as snaps, zippers and elastics, also have an impact on how easy or hard it is to dress your baby. Look for clothes with features that make putting on and undressing your baby easier, such as double zippers that open in both directions or hook-and-loop fasteners that can be used with one hand while holding your baby.

When selecting baby clothing, look for a label that certifies the clothes were made using organic cotton and other natural fibers and grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. These practices are better for the environment, and they protect your infant’s sensitive skin.

You may also want to choose organic clothes that are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards or OEKO-TEX. These labels are often found on the bottom of the clothing tag, or they can be looked up online. Choosing organic baby clothes is also a good way to support the farmers who grow these fibers, and it’s an important step toward a more sustainable world.

Other brands to consider for stylish and affordable baby clothing include H&M and Zara, which have a large selection of baby dresses, tops and skirts in trendy colors and patterns. They also carry outerwear, such as raincoats for kids and babies, winter coats and hoodies.

For a slightly more luxe wardrobe, look for high-end brands like Stella McCartney and Little Marc Jacobs. These brands are known for their chic, on-trend styles that veer more toward what Mom or Dad would wear than what babies typically wear. These clothes may be pricier than what you’d find at your local mall store, but they are often made of higher-quality materials and feature a keen attention to detail that can add a bit of elegance to any outfit.

In addition to these elevated basics, you’ll need a few hats and headbands to add the finishing touches to your baby’s ensemble. You’ll also want a few pairs of shoes to get your baby walking, and you’ll need a couple of baby bibs to catch any spills or drool.