Burial Gowns – Dressing Up a Loved One in Post-Mortem Fashion

burial gowns

Choosing the right outfit for a loved one’s final journey is a personal choice, and many people choose to dress their deceased family members in clothes they’d wear in life. However, traditional dresses and suits may not be the most appropriate attire for a loved one who is buried, as these clothing items are not designed for the post-mortem body. Instead, some funeral directors are now offering burial gowns to help families find a more comfortable outfit for their departed loved ones.

Burial gowns are made of soft, satin-like fabrics and are designed for the ease of dressing a deceased person in post-mortem care. They’re available in a variety of colors and sizes, and some even feature religious motifs to reflect the funeral ceremony or final disposition of a particular religion. For instance, a Catholic outfit would be tailored to reflect the type of clothes worn for Sunday Mass, while a Muslim burial garment resembles shrouds or kimonos.

If you’re planning to dress a deceased friend or family member in a burial gown, it’s important to make sure the outfit includes undergarments. This is because, if the deceased individual was wearing undergarments in life, those same undergarments should be worn when they’re buried to give them a more dignified look. Luckily, many funeral homes have stockings of undergarments to provide to their customers who wish to have them for their loved one’s viewing or open casket funeral service.

In addition to undergarments, it’s also important to remember that any jewelry your loved one wore during their lifetime should not be worn at their funeral or buried with them. This is because any metal pieces, such as wedding and engagement rings, will be destroyed by the cremation process and cannot be recovered afterwards. However, some loved ones may choose to keep these sentimental items and want them with them when they’re buried. In this case, it’s a good idea to talk to your funeral director about placing these objects on display rather than burying them with the deceased.

Choosing the right burial attire can be difficult for many mourners. However, with careful consideration of the deceased’s personal style, religion, and method of final disposition, you can find a stylish burial outfit that will convey a sense of peace to those in attendance. For example, a black dress can exude sobriety and elegance when paired with closed-toe shoes and minimal jewelry. Similarly, a floral-patterned dress in a soft pastel shade can symbolize serenity and tranquility. In some religions, the deceased are buried in the type of non-formal clothing they’d usually wear in daily life, which is a reflection of their value of equality. In other cases, such as with the Theravada branch of Buddhism, the deceased are dressed in white, which is said to represent virtue. It’s also a good idea to check with your church or spiritual leader about their specific dress and hairstyle rules before making your final outfit selection.