Buying Baby Clothing For Your Little One

As any new parent knows, babies grow fast and can go through a lot of clothes in a day. A basic supply of baby clothing can help your little one stay comfortable and look cute. When shopping for newborns, look for soft fabric that’s easy to take off and on — a jumpsuit or bodysuit with snaps at the crotch is popular. A onesie that snaps at the chest or shoulders is another option.

Regardless of the type of clothing, cotton tends to keep babies cool and comfortable because it breathes well. A fabric that wicks moisture is also important. Newborns can’t regulate their temperature as well as older children or adults, so it’s important to dress them warmly. In wintertime, consider getting a coat or zip-up down snowsuit to protect your baby from the elements.

A baby’s first birthday is a special occasion. Consider buying a onesie that says “one year old” or something similar to commemorate the event. Many stores have gift registries where you can specify the items you want. When registering, it is helpful to think about how many of each size of clothing you will need.

When it comes to sizing, the size on the label is often the maximum limit. If you’re unsure of what size to buy, ask friends and family who have young babies or consult the advice provided by your doctor. Also, keep in mind that cotton clothing shrinks slightly, so it may be wise to size up a bit.

While there are plenty of gender-specific clothes on the market, some parents prefer to purchase neutral or unisex clothing. Gender-neutral outfits aren’t as widely available, but they do exist. The brand Kate Quinn has a line of gender-neutral pieces that include ruffle bum leggings in garnet wisteria and tops in a variety of hues, including twilight mauve, pearwood and graphite.

Some parents like to dress their baby in a special outfit on their big day or during special occasions, but this isn’t a necessity. Ultimately, your baby will only be as happy and comfortable in an outfit that is chosen by them.

Before purchasing any clothing for your baby, be sure to check the tag for a low fire hazard rating. In addition, it’s a good idea to avoid clothes that have beading, threads or drawstrings. These can be choking or strangulation risks for infants.