Buying Baby Clothing For Your Newborn

As soon as you know that you’re pregnant, you probably start to think about what kind of clothes your little one will need. Buying baby clothes is one of the most exciting parts of being a parent, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming at first!

It’s a good idea to read the size labels carefully and get familiar with how babies grow so you don’t buy too much at once. The best way to do this is to shop in person and try on items to see how they fit your little one.

Choosing organic clothing is important for both you and your child’s health. Many fabrics used for baby clothes contain pesticides or other chemicals that can irritate your baby’s skin and cause itching, rashes, and other issues. Using organic cotton is one of the most effective ways to avoid these nasties.

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable natural resource, and it’s also a hypoallergenic fabric that will not irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. It’s also incredibly soft, and it’s a great choice for infant wear because it reduces friction and chafing.

You’ll find a variety of bamboo-made items here at the nursery, including bodysuits and onesies. They’re great for preventing spit up, and they’re easy to wash in the washing machine. They’re also a safe choice for babies with sensitive skin, and they’ll keep your baby’s lungs clean and free of airborne germs.

A sleeper or footie pj set will be a staple of your newborn’s wardrobe, and they’re also great for daytime wear when you’re on the go. Pair them with a swaddle for nighttime in cooler climates, and you’ll have a versatile wardrobe that will last throughout your baby’s first few months.

Another essential item for a newborn is a long-sleeved onesie or bodysuit. These will help to keep your baby’s arms warm and prevent chafing and rash, especially in cooler climates. You’ll want to pick up a few different styles, so you can choose the best one for your little one’s unique style.

They’re also a great option for reducing the number of clothes you need to store, as they can be machine-washed and dried quickly. If you need to, you can always use a stain pre-treater or soak your baby’s clothes in warm water before placing them in the washer, but you shouldn’t have any problems washing them without a special laundry treatment.

Besides being comfortable, you’ll want to make sure that your baby’s clothes are easy to put on and take off. Some outfits, like sleepers and footies, are a single piece, so you can easily remove them when you need to change your baby’s diaper.

It’s not unusual for newborns to outgrow their clothing rapidly, so be prepared to rotate out items as your baby grows. Having a storage bin for these worn-out pieces can be an organizational lifesaver.

Newborns are going to be a lot messier than you may think, so it’s wise to purchase clothing that can be easily cleaned up when spit up and other spills happen. Some of the brands we carry, like mighty goods(tm), are made from high-quality materials that can withstand repeated washing and drying.