Buying Burial Gowns For a Funeral

burial gowns

When planning a funeral, there are many details that must be considered. Often, loved ones wish to dress their deceased family member in clothing that was typical of their life or that represents them in some way. This may include work or sports attire, formal dresses or gowns, or even wedding attire. It’s also common to place mementos like favorite books or wedding rings inside the casket with your loved one.

As you consider the attire your loved one will be buried in, it’s important to remember that different religions have guidelines regarding the types of clothing that should be worn. Consulting with religious leaders or clergy members can help you understand these specific rules. In addition, your loved one’s cultural background may have an influence on their preferred attire.

For example, in some cultures, a widow will wear her wedding gown at her husband’s funeral. In other cases, certain colors or symbols may hold spiritual significance and should be included in the outfit.

While it’s a traditional practice to wear semi-formal clothing at a funeral, recent trends have diverted away from this tradition. Some loved ones choose casual t-shirts, jeans and a jacket or suit. Others are drawn to a more personalization by choosing clothes that reflect their deceased loved one’s style and lifestyle, such as a favorite robe or nightgown. Others prefer to choose a piece of jewelry or a special hat that their loved one treasured.

Funeral directors are available to provide their clients with a variety of burial gowns, or they may recommend a specific retailer that sells outfits tailored to each individual’s needs. It’s always best to shop for burial clothes in person, so you can examine the quality and fit of an outfit and ensure it will be properly sized for a loved one’s body.

Those who prefer to buy their own burial garments can find several online options. For example, Leon Harris, designer and CEO of LH Design, has a line of women’s dresses designed to enhance “the beauty of the afterlife.” The company’s website notes that the dress is crafted from materials that will decompose quickly and not pollute soil.

Another option is to purchase a reversible burial shroud that comes in a range of sizes. Some are sewn by local seamstresses and others are manufactured to resemble vintage garments from the 17th to early 19th century. In fact, during that era, some women sewed their own funeral clothing to be worn at their death and stored it in their closets.

It’s typically fine to wear shoes when a person is being buried, although they might not be visible during half-couch casket viewings. Some people choose to wear their favorite shoes as a way to honor their loved one’s memory, while others prefer to have them removed for the service. For babies, the choice of clothing is even more personal. Many non-profit agencies and stores create handmade baby funeral clothes in a range of sizes to accommodate stillborn and premature infants.