How to Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

Many wedding dresses are left hanging in closets to collect dust after the big day. Instead, give them a second life by donating your gown to help brides in need. These meaningful charities will ensure your dress has a happy ending.

Most places that resell donated gowns use the proceeds to benefit their cause. For example, Brides Against Breast Cancer uses the money to promote early detection education and legislation. The charity also gives wedding gowns to low-income women through its annual giveaway events.

Donating your wedding gown is also a great way to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. According to GreenDrop, making new clothing takes hundreds of gallons of water and produces 10% of global carbon emissions. Reusing your dress reduces these impacts and helps cut down on landfill waste.

It’s best to donate your dress within a year of your wedding to guarantee that it is in good condition. You should also inspect it for any stains, tears, or rips prior to donating it. If you notice any of these issues, the dress will likely need to be discarded. Alternatively, you can repurpose your dress into something more modern and useful by using the fabric to make home decor or a cherished keepsake.

When choosing a charity to donate your wedding dress, be sure to check its COVID-19 restrictions. Some places have stopped accepting donations until further notice or have set certain guidelines. Then, contact their client service to get specific shipping instructions.

The charity Brides for a Cause primarily accepts wedding gowns that are less than five years old and in good condition. They also accept veils and tiaras as well as bridal accessories. Additionally, they have a yearly giveaway event to provide wedding dresses to military and first responder brides.

Another way to donate your wedding dress is through the online group Shared Dream Dresses. This charity is a safe space for women to discuss their wedding gowns and meet each other. The group’s Facebook page is constantly updated with new information. Its moderators also answer any questions about the donation process or tips for saving a wedding gown.

NICU Helping Hands is another charity that accepts donated wedding dresses to create burial gowns for infants with severe health conditions or birth defects. The organization relies on 180 seamstresses from across the country to painstakingly transform a wedding dress into a specialized burial gown for each family that requests it.

NICU Helping Hands has donated over 25,000 wedding dresses since its inception. You can donate your gown by filling out the online form or calling the company directly. Alternatively, you can drop off your wedding dress at one of their locations in Tacoma, Seattle, or Portland. The charity also accepts a wide variety of other used items, including household goods, electronics, kitchen utensils, clothing, shoes, books, toys, antiques, and more. In addition, NICU Helping Hands is a tax-deductible organization.