Choosing Baby Clothing For Sensitive Skin

baby clothing

Newborn babies have very sensitive skin and it’s important that the clothes they wear are soft. They also need to be comfortable and able to move freely. Rough or silky tuff fabrics will irritate and scratch their skin, causing discomfort. A good choice of clothing for newborns is cotton dresses. The cotton fabric is gentle on the skin and has great absorbent properties. The baby dresses are designed to be comfortable for the little one, with features such as fold over scratch mitts on the sleeves to prevent them from accidentally scratching themselves. These feature are especially useful for babies who are exploring their surroundings.

Cotton is a naturally occurring, renewable fibre that has a number of benefits. It is hypoallergenic which means that it doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin or cause allergies, as well as being a natural moisture absorbent which helps to keep the baby dry. Cotton is also strong, making it durable, and resistant to pilling and shrinkage which is great for a baby’s growing body.

Babies can be messy, what with dribbles, milk spills and even nappy blowouts, so it’s vital that the clothes they wear are able to hold up to frequent washing. Cotton is a great choice for this as it’s easy to wash and dries quickly. It’s also a good idea to get clothes in a variety of colours and patterns, as they can easily be mixed and matched with different accessories.

Changing your newborn’s diaper will happen frequently, so you want to ensure that the garments they are wearing are easy to remove for quick changes. A good option is a bodysuit, which is typically one piece of clothing and includes the top half of a dress with a romper under section. This can be easily unzipped for nappy changing and is usually fastened with snaps.

Another good option for keeping your newborn warm are pyjamas, which consist of two pieces and come with either short or long sleeves and legs. They can be worn any time of the day and are a good alternative to a sleepsuit. Some pyjamas also have features such as full leg and back openings, or fold over scratch mitts on the sleeves, to help protect young babies from accidentally scratching themselves whilst asleep.

Cardis and jumpers are a great addition to any outfit, as they can be used to tone down a busy pattern or lift an ensemble with a bright pop of colour. They are also a useful layering piece to have on hand in the cooler months. Snowsuits and puddlesuits are cosy outerwear all in ones that are worn over day clothes to keep your little one warm. They have features such as detachable booties and fold over mittens to prevent their hands from getting cold.