Choosing Burial Gowns and Clothes

When a loved one passes away, it is important to respect their final journey and choose an outfit that conveys a sense of solemnity and elegance. While it may seem strange to consider the type of clothes a person will be buried in, choosing attire that fits their personality and captures the essence of their life can help people pay their respects and mourn with a sense of togetherness.

In addition to clothing, people often dress up their loved ones with pieces of jewelry that were special to them. However, these accessories should be small enough to fit inside the casket without adding too much weight. If a loved one has specific cultural traditions, incorporating their cultural clothing can also be a wonderful way to honor them. Some options include kimonos, kilts, kurtas, and national dresses.

It’s also possible to buy clothing specifically designed for burials. These outfits are typically made of cotton or another soft fabric and are meant to be easily manipulated to accommodate different body shapes. Several companies manufacture these outfits, which can be purchased at most funeral homes. The staff at these establishments can also help you customize the size and style of an existing garment.

Many people have chosen to store clothing that they will wear at their funerals and wakes ahead of time. If you think your loved one may have done this, check their closet for any clothing that has been set aside, or look for notes pinned to clothes or boxes under the bed. This is a common practice among elderly people who are facing their own mortality.

Ultimately, the outfit that you choose to dress your loved one in will depend on your religion and your own preferences. Some faiths, like the Episcopalian and Catholic beliefs, prefer to dress people in traditional attire that reflects their spirituality and belief in God. These outfits usually consist of a blouse, skirt or dress pants and are worn with closed-toe shoes.

Other faiths, such as those of the Baptist faith, have a more casual approach when it comes to burial outfits. Most Baptists believe that their faith in Jesus Christ will lead them to eternal life, so they tend to be less strict when it comes to the dress code for viewings and funeral services.

In most cases, it is a good idea to dress the deceased in their own clothes. This will give funeral-goers a chance to see how they looked when they were alive and will make them feel more connected to the deceased.

For women, a black outfit is a popular choice because it exudes elegance and solemnity. A simple, knee-length dress that is fitted and modestly styled can work well. You may also want to opt for a pastel-colored outfit that conveys serenity and peace. Whatever outfit you choose, it’s important to make sure that it includes undergarments. A mortician will generally ensure that the deceased is dressed in undergarments, which serves as an extra layer of protection to protect against bodily fluid leaks during decomposition.