Choosing Burial Gowns and Other Funeral Apparel

A person’s final appearance is their last visual impression, and so it’s important to pay special attention to their clothing. It’s customary to dress a deceased loved one in clothes they would have worn in their everyday life, but there are also a variety of other options for funeral attire that are designed to help preserve the body and to give your loved ones an appearance that is natural, peaceful and dignified.

For example, some funeral gowns are made of soft materials that resemble smart night wear and pyjamas. These are often used for men and women, and they’re available in a range of colors. They may feature religious motifs, such as the Sacred Heart for Catholic funerals, and they can also be tailored for different religious faiths. Other burial gowns are made of cotton or bamboo fibres, and they’re ideal for green funerals where a casket is placed in a woodland grave. They can be decorated with false shirt fronts or other embellishments to make them resemble day clothes and evening wear.

Other outfits are designed to be easy for a funeral director to dress a person in. These are often made of a simple material, and they may be trimmed with lace or embroidery to give them a more refined look. They may be tailored for men and women, and they can also come in a variety of sizes. These outfits can also be decorated with a range of embellishments to suit different cultural traditions.

Another option for a deceased loved one is to have their funeral dress made of silk. This is an expensive option but it’s a great way to ensure your loved one has the best possible appearance at their funeral and to give them a dignified appearance that will help to set them apart from other mourners.

There are a number of places where you can buy and sew your own burial clothes. A search on the internet will reveal many companies that offer a wide range of styles, including a range of materials, and some even have a tutorial video so you can learn how to sew them. You can also make a donation to a local children’s hospital or NICU, which will usually accept homemade clothing for newborn babies and tiny preemies.

A traditional dress or a kimono is a suitable option if the deceased had a specific cultural background that they wanted to honour, while for younger people, it’s common to dress them in clothes that are more casual than a suit or a formal dress. For infants, a white baby outfit is usually the best choice. It symbolises purity and peace, and it can be paired with a pair of shoes and understated jewelry to create a dignified and peaceful appearance.