Choosing Burial Gowns For Stillborn Babies

burial gowns

When planning a service for someone who has passed away, there are many details to take into account. It is important to think about the deceased’s final wishes and what they would have wanted for their burial attire. Many people choose to wear clothing that they often wore in their daily lives, such as a suit or dress, while others prefer something more simple and casual. The clothing that is chosen for the funeral can also help to reflect who the person was in their life.

Choosing the proper clothing for a loved one’s burial can be difficult and distressing. Luckily, there are organizations that can assist with this task. For example, the Emma & Evan Foundation provides infant burial gowns to families who are unable to afford them. They do this by taking donated wedding gowns and turning them into bereavement gowns using specific patterns. These gowns are then given to families for their baby’s funeral services and to be kept as a memory for the family.

Other groups are dedicated to making burial gowns for miscarriage and stillborn babies. A local group in Piedmont, NC called Angels Unaware makes these gowns for parents who have suffered the loss of their child. These beautiful gowns are a welcome alternative to the impersonal hospital blanket that many of these families have to use for their baby. The organization works with volunteers to hand sew these beautiful garments and they distribute them to hospitals and midwives across five states.

A Spanish Fork woman named Michaun Torgersen has taken it upon herself to do her part in helping with this effort. She takes donated wedding dresses and sews them into beautiful burial clothing for stillborn or miscarried infants. She began this project after she experienced her own miscarriage 26 years ago and knows the pain that can accompany this type of loss. She is currently working with her Young Women and Relief Society groups to sew these garments.

These beautiful burial gowns are not only a comfort for parents, but they also help to make their service more personal. It can be hard to know what a baby should be dressed in for a funeral or memorial service, but the gowns are a gentle reminder of the little soul who will never be forgotten.

For a more personalized touch, many people like to add clothing or accessories that were special to their loved ones in their everyday life. It is usually fine to put these items in the casket, but it is a good idea to consult your funeral home for guidance. They will be able to let you know whether these items will look good with the body as it is lying down and they can advise you on what may work best. They can also offer suggestions on what kind of accessories might suit a loved one’s personality. If they were a big fisherman, for example, you could consider adding their favorite fishing hat to the outfit.