Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

If you’re planning to donate your wedding dress, there are a number of charities that will accept them. Each organization has its own guidelines for donations, so be sure to contact them beforehand to find out exactly what they require. You should also ensure that your dress is in good condition and can be cleaned if necessary.

Whether it is a vintage gown or a newly-wed gown, there is a good chance that the charity will accept your dress. Some charities will use the dress for a theatrical production, while others will resell the wedding dress for a profit. For example, charities such as Brides Across America accept wedding dresses in good condition, including vintage dresses, for the military and for theater groups.

Donating your wedding dress is a great way to remember the bride and give the dress a new life. Many thrift stores, community centers, and nonprofit organizations will accept your dress. Not only will this help others in need, but you’ll also be helping the environment. There are even many tips for preparing your wedding dress for donation.

Another option for donation is through charities that provide wedding dresses for those in need. Organizations such as Brides Across America use donated wedding dresses to outfit first-responder brides and military veterans. Since 2008, the charity has outfitted over 26,000 women. For wedding dresses, it is best to donate them before they reach a vintage condition.

Adorned in Grace is another nonprofit organization that accepts wedding dresses. The organization is part of Compassion Connect and aims to create safe communities free from sexual exploitation. Before donating your wedding dress, you should clean it. The nonprofit organization will accept your donation if you’re willing to contribute monetary funds to cover the cleaning costs. While Adorned In Grace does not accept vintage wedding dresses, they do accept pre-owned wedding dresses that are less than five years old.

The organization Brides for a Cause is another great option for brides who want to donate wedding dresses. This nonprofit is based in Portland and operates boutiques in Seattle, Portland, and Tacoma. Donating your wedding dress will allow you to give back to the community while raising funds for causes like women’s health.

Another option for donating your wedding gown is the Angel Gown Program. This organization utilizes old wedding dresses to sew custom-made bereavement garments for babies who won’t make it home. Each donated wedding dress has enough fabric to create 10 handmade baby dresses. The clothing is shipped to hospitals and funeral homes, where the bereaved families can wear their gowns with dignity. While there are some costs involved in shipping a wedding dress, the cost is negligible compared to the benefits the gown will bring to the families.