Donate Wedding Dresses to Charity

donate wedding dresses

Having a beautiful wedding dress can be a dream come true for most girls. But as the years pass, it may become hard to find a new home for the cherished garment. Fortunately, there are many organizations that will accept your wedding gown donation. These charities can make a difference in the lives of women in need.

The Bridal Garden is a great organization that offers wedding dress donations and will give you a tax deduction on the value of the gown you donate. They also accept dresses that are in good condition. They also sell used gowns. This is a great way to keep your gown out of the landfill. The sale of these gowns goes to support charities working with women in Ukraine.

The Salvation Army is another nonprofit organization that accepts your old gown. They will provide you with a donation form, pick-up services, and other services that can help you get your old gown into the hands of a woman in need. The military is one of their missions, so they can use your wedding gown as a dress for an officer or a member of the armed forces.

Angel Gowns are a non-profit organization that creates custom infant burial gowns for families in need. The outfits are made of quality material and are individually packaged. These outfits are a lifesaver for grieving parents and families. They are offered to hospitals, funeral homes, and birthing centers.

The Brides Project is another group that accepts a lot of different types of items, including your wedding gown. They have a special store where you can sell your old gown for a discount. They even offer cleaning services. If you have a wedding gown with visible stains, the charity will not accept it. The cost of these services is a small price to pay for helping to provide dresses to the underprivileged.

The Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund is another charity that accepts a dress or two. They have a specific donation protocol, but they will clean your gown for you for free. They will also provide you with a receipt for your charitable contribution.

The best part is that you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you’ve done your part to help others. The charity will use the funds to support a variety of missions, including breast cancer research and aiding survivors of abuse. The organization has a pop-up store in Berlin, and you can contact them by phone or through their website.

The Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund also has an interesting gimmick. They have a program that will clean your gown for you for free.

The Brides Project is a charitable organization that supports a number of programs, including cancer research and the fight against human trafficking. They also sell donated wedding gowns. They are a small organization, so you should take your time before making a donation. You can contact them with any questions or concerns you have.