Donate Wedding Dresses to Charity

donate wedding dresses

Donate wedding dresses to charity to help needy people in need. These donations can benefit many different charities, so you should choose carefully. Most charities will accept wedding dresses year-round. They will generally ask for clean and in good condition gowns. Some charities are even open to donated dresses that are at least five years old. If your dress is still in great shape, you can ship it to them. If you choose to donate your dress, make sure it is properly packaged and sent in a box.

Donating wedding dresses is a great way to honor your wedding dress and give it a second chance at life. You can donate your wedding gown to thrift stores, charities, and community centers that specialize in women’s clothing. There are many nonprofit organizations that accept used wedding dresses, including Brides Against Breast Cancer, which is dedicated to fighting breast cancer and reducing the environmental impact of wedding dress production. Brides Against Breast Cancer resells used wedding dresses to help fight the disease, and proceeds from the sales of used wedding dresses go to breast cancer causes.

When donating your wedding dress, it is important to check for wear. Some types of fabrics can develop mold after prolonged storage. If your wedding dress is not in pristine condition, it will likely end up in a landfill. Charities rely on volunteers who wash the garments before they are donated. Additionally, the COVID-19 virus can remain on certain fabrics and surfaces for a few days. If you cannot wash your wedding dress, you can disinfect it by spraying it with a disinfectant spray.

Another charity that accepts wedding dresses is the Emma and Evan Foundation. This charity supports families of infants and repurposes wedding dress donations to make baby keepsakes for the parents of the deceased. Donated wedding dresses will make the clothes that remain at a hospital NICU or a funeral home meaningful for grieving families. The Emma and Evan Foundation also accepts prom dresses and bridal accessories. These donated wedding dresses are shipped to the families in need.

Donating a wedding dress is an excellent option for a charity that works to reduce waste in landfills. Some charities don’t accept wedding dresses for donation, but you can always recycle the fabric. A wedding dress may be an ideal wedding dress for a baptism gown, a cocktail dress, or a newborn photo prop. Some people even use the fabric to create DIY jewelry. There are endless possibilities with these dresses. It is always better to be creative when it comes to recycling your wedding dress.

Another nonprofit organization that accepts used wedding dresses is Adorned in Grace, which is based in Portland, Oregon. This organization is inspired by the donation of a wedding gown to a sex trafficking survivor. All proceeds from the sale of donated wedding gowns benefit human trafficking prevention and the victims. Other organizations that accept donated wedding dresses include The Bridal Garden, which accepts all types of wedding dresses less than five years old. They sell wedding gowns for between $600 and $4000.