How to Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

Whether you’re a bride-to-be or just want to help out a good cause, donating wedding dresses can help you and others in need. Many charities accept dresses to sell for the benefit of their missions. You can donate a wedding dress to a thrift store, community center, or even the Salvation Army. When you’re ready to donate, make sure to read the guidelines to see what you can expect. Some charities have stricter rules about the age of a dress, so you may have to do some research before you decide which charity to donate to.

The Salvation Army is one of the most well-known charitable organizations in the United States. The organization accepts wedding dresses, but it also accepts other types of donated clothing and other items that can help someone in need. They also offer pick-up services. They sell wedding dresses at thrift stores throughout the United States. The proceeds from the sales support women’s charities.

The Salvation Army’s website lists the types of dresses they accept, as well as information on how to donate. They also list some charities that may be able to accept your dress, such as Angel Gowns, which is a non-profit organization based in Tennessee. The organization provides specially-made garments for children who have lost their lives prematurely, as well as support services for their families. It also works with churches to combat human trafficking.

In addition to wedding dresses, charities also accept bridal accessories, veils, and shoes. Some charities also offer cleaning services. This is a good way to get the dress cleaned up before you donate it. Many charities require that your dress be cleaned before they will accept it. You may also want to look into the tax deductibility of the donation. Many charities can help you claim your contribution as a tax deduction.

The best way to donate your wedding dress is to contact the charity in advance to find out their donation policy. Check with the organization to see if they’re currently accepting donations, or if you can drop off the dress at their location. Ask for details such as the donation schedule, how old the dress must be, and what you can expect in return.

Aside from donating wedding dresses, some charities offer cleaning services, which will help you make sure your gown is in good condition. Some charities charge an extra fee for this service. Having a professional clean your dress will also reduce your risk of damaging it in the process.

The brides project is a charitable organization that sells donated wedding gowns to raise money for cancer research. It also sells other pre-loved wedding gowns for the benefit of cancer patients. While there are other charities that sell these types of items, the brides project is the largest organization in the world.

Brides Against Breast Cancer is another charity that accepts wedding dress donations. They also sell donated gowns to raise money for breast cancer research. They also accept mailed dresses. They don’t accept David’s Bridal gowns, but they do accept dresses from other manufacturers. They give 50% of the money they make from their gown sales to cancer research, as well as programs to help women fight breast cancer.