angel gowns

Often referred to as “angel outfits,” Angel Gowns are burial gowns made from donated wedding dresses. They are typically offered to families who have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or other infant loss. These beautiful garments are custom-made and help families cope with their loss.

Angel Gowns are an excellent way for hospitals to provide support to families who have experienced an infant loss. While the medical community cannot provide a cure for the pain experienced by bereaved parents, they can provide practical and emotional support. In addition, the gowns help patients and family members remember their departed babies.

The Angel Gowns Project is a part of the nonprofit organization, NICU Helping Hands, which provides support to the families of newborns who are hospitalized for serious medical conditions. The program is run by volunteers and the gowns are provided to families through local care centers. The organization has a Facebook page.

The Angel Gowns Project is run by a group of volunteer seamstresses. Each year the group sends more than thirty thousand gowns to hospitals in the United States and abroad. The gowns are provided free of charge and are designed to fit newborns under one and a half pounds. A hat, a heart-shaped pillow and a special gown are also provided.

The Angel Gowns Project has a warehouse full of old wedding dresses that are donated to the project. In addition to making burial gowns for newborns, the group also provides the kits for memorial services and first-time families with babies. These kits contain a special gown, a heart-shaped pillow, two hats and a keepsake.

The Angel Gowns Project also asks for a monetary donation with each gown. This monetary donation helps to cover the costs of shipping the finished gowns to the volunteers who make them. The program spent nearly thirty thousand dollars last year sending gowns to hospitals and bereaved families in need. A hundred dollars is a good start, as it will allow the donor to follow the gown across the globe.

The Angel Gowns Project’s mission is to provide comfort and empowerment to women and families who have experienced a loss. The organization has a Facebook page, a website and a blog. They also sponsor a monthly Comfort Committee meeting to provide support and practical help to families who have recently lost a baby.

The Angel Gowns Project is one of many organizations that provide support to bereaved parents and their loved ones. There are dozens of similar organizations across the country. Contact your local hospital or bereavement group to find out more about these organizations. While the most charitable organizations donate directly to bereaved families, there are also organizations that collect donated wedding dresses and turn them into baby burial gowns. They can also help ship the gowns to your local thrift store.

Whether you are a bereaved parent or not, you may find that Angel Gowns are the most meaningful items you can give your family after the loss of your child. While the Angel Gowns Project is one of the many organizations that provide the gowns, there are others that may not be as well known.