How to Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

When you donate your wedding dress, you can help another bride wear it after your big day. Used wedding dresses can be found for a great price on the internet, but a small percentage of brides prefer pre-owned dresses. Instead of going through the trouble of trying to sell your dress, consider donating it to a charity. Not only will it make a great donation for a cause, but you’ll receive a tax deduction for the amount you donate.

There are several nonprofit organizations that accept donated wedding dresses. Brides Against Breast Cancer, for example, uses donated wedding dresses to raise awareness about human trafficking and provides support for survivors. Donate your wedding dress and accessories by mail to these organizations. They will then use the proceeds to help fight the disease and help other causes. They also accept wedding gowns that are less than five years old. There are even tax benefits for donating your wedding dress, so consider donating it to these charities.

While there are many charities that accept donated wedding dresses, not all of them do. Some of them require additional fees for cleaning. Others have strict guidelines on what they can and cannot accept. To avoid getting scammed, contact charities well in advance and ask them what their guidelines are and what they require for donations. Most charities require that wedding dresses are less than five years old, but you should also check their policies and guidelines to ensure that your donation is in good condition.

Donate your wedding dress to Forever Angels of Virginia. This nonprofit organization serves hundreds of grieving parents. They also accept wedding dresses for burial. Donated wedding dresses provide enough fabric to make multiple handmade bereavement gowns. The charity then sends these bereavement gowns to funeral homes and hospital NICU units. Volunteer seamstresses work long hours to make the gowns, which is very challenging. These women are highly trained and eager to help, so consider donating your wedding dress to this organization.

Depending on the style of your wedding gown, you can sell it for cash. Selling your wedding dress is an easy way to get rid of your wedding dress while getting a good deal for someone else. There are also several options for selling your wedding gown, including Craigslist, eBay, local newspaper classifieds, or even a consignment shop. Many charities also accept donations of new or gently used wedding gowns. They ask that you clean your wedding gown and keep it in good condition.

Donate your used wedding gowns to a charity that supports women who have lost their livelihoods. The brides in these organizations can find new careers through the services of these organizations. Besides that, they can even donate wedding dresses to a charity that supports women in crisis situations. The charity also accepts wedding dresses up to five years old and professional business attire. These organizations help make it possible for more women to get married because they are in need.