Why Donate Wedding Dresses?

donate wedding dresses

Most little girls dream of growing up and having the perfect storybook wedding in a beautiful gown. However, not all brides are able to afford the wedding of their dreams. Those who choose to donate their dresses can help other women who may be going through financial hardships have the dress of their dreams and have a special memory to look back on.

In addition, those who don’t want to keep their wedding dresses can benefit the environment by avoiding the production of new clothing and accessories. In fact, producing new clothes and textiles creates toxic chemicals and a large amount of carbon dioxide and water waste. According to Green Drop, when you donate your wedding gown, it helps to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and prevents new dresses from being manufactured.

Before donating your dress, make sure it is in good condition. Most charities have specific guidelines regarding dress condition, age and style. It is also a good idea to have your gown professionally cleaned before donating it to avoid any possible stains or damage. This can also save you some time as many charities and shops offer this service for an additional fee.

Besides dresses, there are some charities that accept other wedding-related items such as shoes, tiaras, veils and other bridal accessories. It is also a great idea to donate any other decorations, invitations and favors that you no longer need or use.

Before deciding to donate your wedding dress, it is important to research the organization to ensure that it is a reputable one with a good reputation and mission. Many charities focus on different areas including supporting women, aiding cancer victims, helping the military and more. It’s best to select a charity that aligns with your desired impact and will make the most difference in people’s lives.

Some of the more popular charities that accept wedding dress donations include Brides Across America, Wishing Well Foundation and Gift of a Wedding. These organizations help to fund and organize weddings for terminally ill brides, first responders and others in need.

Angel Gowns for Angel Babies is another wonderful charity that utilizes donated wedding gowns to create tiny baby gowns for newborn babies who have died. This beautiful charity has given away over 26,000 wedding dresses since 2008.

When you donate your wedding dress, you can feel good about making a positive impact on someone else’s life. You can also feel good about freeing up storage space in your closet and having a clean, organized home!

Donating your wedding gown to a charity is a great way to have it find a happy and lasting home. Before you do, however, make sure that the charity is accepting gowns during this pandemic and that they have the appropriate guidelines in place. In addition, make sure to have your dress professionally cleaned before donating it and don’t hesitate to ask for any additional guidance from the organization’s staff if you have any questions.