Angel Gowns For Bereaved Families

angel gowns

Angel Gowns are kits that have been designed and donated to bereaved families. The kits include a special gown and hat, a heart, and other memorial trinkets. These kits are perfect for babies ranging from newborns to smaller children. They can be worn for the baby’s last moments, during a memorial service, or when family members come to say goodbye.

There are several organizations that make angel gowns, including hospitals and bereavement support groups. Many of the organizations also provide support and information. Some of these organizations include Share, International Stillbirth Association, HAND, and the First Candle and Mend organizations. These organizations also sell angel gowns directly to families.

The Angel Gowns Project is an amazing nonprofit that helps women in need find purpose in their lives. Not only does it help women feel more confident and empowered, but it also helps them and their families heal. The program is run by volunteers. It has an online presence, and its donations go a long way.

The donations of angel kits to hospitals help families cope with the grief of losing a baby. They are also an excellent way to show support and honor the baby. Neal has donated angel kits to various hospitals across the country. This helps hospitals offer better grief care to bereaved parents. Parents can take photos with their babies in an angel gown, honoring their child.

Sunshine State Angel Gowns also provides beautiful burial gowns. These are made from wedding dresses that have been donated. The gowns are shipped to the hospital, along with a prayer card and a keepsake angel. Many of the gowns are also sent with a custom-tailored memory blanket.

These organizations work to improve the community’s maternal health and support bereaved families. The organizations that make these angel gowns are often not profit organizations, but they raise awareness. If you are looking for a gown, consider making one for a family member who has lost a child. Many people are unaware that the process of losing a child can be difficult.