Angel Gowns For Infant Bereavement

angel gowns

Angel Gowns are special outfits designed for the babies who die. They are essentially a burial gown or baptism gown for newborns. The angel gowns are provided to hospitals, birthing centers, and funeral homes. These organizations are typically run by volunteers who sew the gowns in order to offer comfort and support to families in grief.

In 2012, Neal Williamson started an organization to provide support and help to bereaved parents. He lost his daughter at seventeen weeks pregnant and found that his family was dealing with infant loss in a secretive manner. His work helps to remove the secrecy surrounding this difficult subject.

Today, Angel Gowns are available to bereaved families throughout the country. Many organizations use wedding dresses to create these gorgeous infant burial gowns. However, there are still a few ministries that do not accept donated wedding dresses. If you would like to donate your own wedding dress, you can contact the following ministries to learn more.

One organization, Hillary’s Cherished Gowns, offers free infant bereavement gowns to grieving families. This group provides bereavement kits that include an Angel Gown, a blanket, and two hats. A local bereavement group, First Candle, also offers support to families in need.

Another nonprofit organization, Angel Babies, provides Angel Gowns and other infant bereavement products to bereaved parents. Their goal is to ensure that every family has a chance to find beauty, comfort, and a sense of peace in the face of grief.

Another organization, West Coast Angel Gowns, uses donated wedding dresses to transform into infant burial garments. In addition to creating Angel Gowns, the organization offers workshops for women to learn how to sew.

When Starrae’ Musser lost her twins in April 2020, she received a soft cream color angel gown as a mirror of her baby boys. She was able to wear her angel gown while in the hospital. It gave her much-needed comfort and helped her through her hospital stay.

Another organization, Project NICU Helping Hands, offers support to families of NICU patients. It offers practical help to families, pays for training programs, and provides monetary donations for projects. Although their program is international, they have a presence in the United States.

Finally, a non-profit organization in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, provides free angel kits to bereaved families. These kits contain an Angel Gown, a hat, and a memory blanket. These kits provide a cherished keepsake for a bereaved family.

These organizations are a great resource for bereaved families. Although they may not always be able to help with monetary donations, they can help with the shipping of the gowns. You can find these organizations and more by checking out Bereaved Parent. There are many bereavement groups and organizations in your area that can provide you with the resources and support you need.

As an added bonus, when you donate your wedding dress, you can get some of the angel gowns back in return. Donations of a hundred dollars will allow you to donate all of the angel gowns in the developing countries.