How to Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

Donating your wedding dress is a great way to honor your special day and make a difference in someone’s life. Many charities accept gowns in good condition. There are some that have specific requirements, so you should know what you’re getting into before you donate.

The first thing to remember is that while donating your wedding dress is a noble gesture, you’ll want to follow charity guidelines. Some organizations may have restrictions on the dress’s age or design. Others may require that the gown be professionally cleaned. If you have questions, you can always contact the organization before making a donation.

For instance, Adorned in Grace is a Washington-based organization that provides support and resources to survivors of human trafficking. They offer donated bridal dresses to women in need and have sold used gowns in Washington and Oregon for more than ten years.

The other great thing about donating your wedding dress is the potential tax benefits. Since your contribution is considered a gift to a qualified organization, you can claim the charitable contributions as itemized deductions on your taxes. This is an especially nice thing to do if you’re filing a business tax return.

One of the charities that accepts your wedding dress is the Brides Project. The organization raises money for free cancer programming and supports other breast cancer related causes. It also accepts donations of new or gently used wedding dresses.

Another is the Salvation Army. While the Salvation Army’s donation policy is a little different than other charities, the organization offers proper education and early detection. You can also take advantage of its dry cleaning service. When donating a wedding dress, you can either mail your gown to them or schedule a pick-up.

Some of the more elaborate charities will turn your donation into something a little more memorable. The Angel Gown Program by NICU Helping Hands turns your donated wedding dress into a beautiful baby funeral dress. These outfits are offered to hospitals, birthing centers and the grieving families of infants who have died.

The best part is that the donated garments are free to the families who need them. They are handmade by 700 volunteer seamstresses who are willing to go the extra mile. Their gowns are individually packaged and quality controlled.

While some organizations are more picky about the size and shape of your dress, others accept all styles and sizes. Some even provide a sizing guide. Check their website before donating your wedding dress for the most accurate information.

You can make the donation of your wedding dress a wholesome and meaningful experience by following the following tips. Make sure the dress is clean and in good condition, and ensure that you are ready to go when you hand it over. Also, ask about the resale value of your gown before you decide to donate it. Not all organizations will resell your dress, so you may have to choose between a tax deductable donation or getting a discounted price for your dress.