Angel Gowns For Newborns

While it may seem like a strange concept, angel gowns can help grieving parents and their babies deal with the end of life. These gowns are specially designed to fit newborns and small children. Parents can wear the gowns during the stay in the hospital to remember their baby. These outfits can be used as memorials as well as for pictures. Neal has donated angel gown kits to several hospitals in the United States. They are used by bereaved parents to provide comfort and support during the end-of-life process.

If you are in need of an angel gown, check out the Angel Gowns Project. This nonprofit organization helps women, newborns, and families heal and reclaim their sense of purpose. The purpose of the organization is to provide parents with a sense of power and confidence by creating a special memory that they can cherish forever. By purchasing a gown for your child, you’ll be empowering the new mom to be. This is a special way to honor a child who has lost their fight against cancer.

Patty Hauer, a former coroner investigator, was inspired to start the organization after witnessing numerous infant deaths. Her desire to honor the families and babies who lost their lives was a driving force in her endeavor. Neal began her organization in memory of her daughter who died at 17 weeks of age. Angel Dresses grew from this dream and has helped thousands of bereaved families cope with the death of a child.

As the program grows, Judi and her volunteers receive dozens of donations of wedding gowns. Many of these volunteers are retired seamstresses and are active in their local churches. They make time to sew each gown during their free time. They take the time to personalize each gown. And they’re incredibly thankful for the support. The angel gowns they receive will give new hope to countless bereaved mothers and their families.

If you’re interested in donating your wedding gowns to the Angel Gown Program, you can find a list of ministries that accept them. While some of these ministries are not currently accepting donations, there are several others that do. One of the most popular angel gown ministries is Emilia’s Wings. While it doesn’t accept wedding gowns for donation, it does distribute ready-made angel gowns to needy families.

Angel Gowns of WNY, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that collects and transforms donated wedding gowns to create beautiful infant burial gowns. These gowns are given to hospitals, birthing centers, and bereaved families free of charge. Ultimately, angel gowns serve as a small gesture to remember and honor the deceased child. The nonprofit organization has an online presence that helps make donations as well. With the help of these donations, children can remember their loved ones in beautiful, comfortable outfits.