How to Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

Donate wedding dresses to a charity. There are many charitable organizations that accept wedding dresses. Most organizations accept donated gowns year-round. When donating to these groups, be sure to check the condition of the wedding gown. They typically prefer clean and in good condition. Some charities do ask that you do not donate an outdated gown, but most will accept any wedding dress that is still in good condition. If you are unable to donate a wedding dress, you can sell it at a discount.

If possible, clean your wedding dress. Most charities will offer cleaning services, though some may require additional cleaning fees. To avoid additional costs, contact organizations ahead of time to inquire about specific donation policies and protocols. Remember that you should donate your wedding dress within five years of the wedding date. However, if you are unable to clean it, there are disinfectant sprays available that can be used on the wedding dress. This step is important in ensuring that your donation will be accepted by the charity.

The Emma and Evan Foundation is another charity that accepts wedding dresses for burial. These wedding dresses are repurposed as bereavement gowns for families who have lost their children. The Emma and Evan Foundation will use your gown to send free keepsake items to the families in need. If you are unable to donate your wedding dress, you can send the pieces to the Emma and Evan Foundation by sending them through a package. If you are unable to do so, you can also donate wedding dresses to other organizations. These organizations will accept your gowns in a timely manner.

If you are unable to sell your wedding gown or need a different size, consider donating it to a charity organization. Adorned in Grace raises money to support cancer and other charities that help survivors of human trafficking. Adorned in Grace sells gently used wedding gowns in Washington and Oregon. The organization works with churches and other nonprofit organizations to help prevent sex trafficking and supports youth mentoring programs, outreach events, and professional counseling for victims of human trafficking.

While selling your wedding dress can be a great way to get rid of your unsold wedding dress, it is time-consuming and difficult to get a high price. Moreover, most people dump their unwanted wedding dresses after a year. If you donate your dress to charity, you will get a tax deduction for the item. This will give you the satisfaction of helping a charitable organization, while also boosting your financial status. So, don’t hesitate! Give your wedding dress a second life today.

You can donate your wedding dress to a nonprofit organization, such as the Wedding Dress Exchange. Many nonprofit organizations accept donations of wedding dresses as long as they’re clean and in good condition. While a nonprofit organization will not guarantee a sale, the proceeds will help people in need. Besides receiving tax deductions, you can also donate your flower girl dresses and bridal accessories to organizations like the Brides Project. If you donate your wedding dress to an organization that helps victims of human trafficking, the proceeds will help them to get new formalwear.