Baby Clothing Essentials

Newborns have very delicate skin, and it’s important to keep their clothes as clean as possible. Synthetic fabrics and harsh chemicals found in many conventional clothing brands can irritate sensitive infant skin, leading to allergic reactions and other health issues. Organic and sustainably sourced clothing made from natural fibers, such as cotton, are better options for newborn babies. This type of material is breathable and helps regulate body temperature, so baby stays comfortable all day long.

A newborn’s wardrobe needs several essential items, including body clothes that are easy to put on and take off, such as rompers or 2-in-1 dresses (a dress top section with a romper undersection), as well as diaper covers that snap open for quick nappy changes. A few pairs of mittens are a must, as they help prevent young babies from accidentally scratching themselves.

For cold weather, baby will need outerwear, like snowsuits, which are waterproof and designed to keep the body warm. Other essentials include hats, socks and boots to keep little feet toasty, and blankets for keeping baby warm and swaddled during sleep.

Depending on the season, your baby’s wardrobe will also need a few warmer clothing items, such as sweaters or cardigans to keep them warm and cozy, as well as coats for rainy or windy days.

While layering is great, it’s also important to avoid overheating; too much fabric can cause heat exhaustion in babies, which is especially dangerous when they’re napping. For warmer temperatures, look for a light jacket that’s water-resistant and designed to be breathable.

You’ll want to make sure your newborn has several sets of outfits on hand for outings, and a few PJs to wear during the night. Newborns tend to need a few changes of clothes during the course of one day, so having several outfits on hand will save you some time.

For outings, you’ll need a few outfits that cover both the top and bottom of the body, such as dresses or rompers. For the home, you’ll want a few pairs of pjs that cover the feet; these are usually called sleepers or footie pajamas, and they’re available in fleece to keep your baby extra warm.

There are several brands that offer eco-friendly clothing for babies, including Hanna Andersson and Cat & Jack. These sustainable brands prioritize circularity and support sustainable production, making them great choices for newborns. Hanna Andersson is an Oregon-based brand that’s been around for decades, and the label offers both GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified garments for peace of mind. The brand also supports fair trade practices, so you can feel good about supporting the community while you shop for your baby. Cat & Jack is another family-friendly retailer that offers a wide selection of mixed and match outfits, as well as coordinating pieces. The Target-owned brand is also committed to partnerships with beloved pop culture characters and franchises, which means you’ll find fun prints for your baby to enjoy.