Baby Clothing Essentials

From spit-ups to blowouts, your little bundle of joy is going to go through multiple outfit changes a day. Choosing clothes that are easy to dress and undress can save you time and stress, especially during a busy diapering routine. Look for snaps, zippers and elastics that are easy to use and don’t rub against your baby’s sensitive skin. Closure options like safety tabs (small pieces of fabric that cover zippers or snaps) and double zippers with two pulls are also helpful. Lastly, choose fabrics that can handle multiple washes and are soft against your baby’s delicate skin.

Start with bodysuits and onesies (3-6 months) and add in pants (3-4). Depending on your child’s gender, consider adding a few dresses and skirts (4-9 months) that can be worn for special occasions. Dresses and skirts are great for bringing along to the park or on a family outing, as they provide a comfortable and fun alternative to more formal clothing.

A few pairs of socks (6-8 months) and hats (2-3) are always useful as well. Stylish accessories like hats and socks can help to make your baby look more adorable.

If you plan to swaddle your newborn, you’ll want some swaddle blankets (8-9 months). These snuggly wraps are designed with just the right amount of stretch and are made with cotton that feels comfortable against baby’s skin. They help to mimic the womb environment and can help babies sleep longer, which is helpful for parents!

For colder climates, it’s essential to have a few wintertime clothes on hand. Besides having a warm fleece jacket, you’ll want to stock up on hats and socks and a pair of baby snow pants (6-8 months). Having a few pairs of winter gloves and boots (2-3) will allow your infant to play outside safely and comfortably.

You’ll also want some diaper bag essentials, including a changing pad cover and baby wipe case, as well as a pack of newborn diapers, rash cream and teething powder. Finally, don’t forget a few small toys and books to keep your little one entertained while you change her or take her out for a walk.

Shop our collection of baby clothing to find a variety of adorable outfits for your new arrival. Don’t be afraid to try out a few different brands, as size discrepancies can be normal and babies grow quickly. When in doubt, it’s usually best to size up. From rompers and striped tees to dressy A-line dresses and twirl-worthy skirts, our collection has everything you need to complete your newborn’s wardrobe.