Choosing Baby Clothing That’s Soft, Comfortable and Easy to Launder

baby clothing

Babies are super adorable, so you want to make sure they’re dressed in cute outfits. But it’s important to choose baby clothing that is soft on their skin, comfortable for them to wear and easy for you to launder. It’s also a good idea to consider the season and your geographic climate when shopping for baby clothes.

Cotton is a popular baby fabric, and for good reason. It’s a natural fiber that isn’t manufactured with chemicals. It’s also gentle on your infant’s delicate skin, which can be sensitive to rough materials and harsh dyes found in conventional fabrics like polyester. If you want to go even further in ensuring your little one’s comfort, opt for organic cotton. These types of cotton are grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides and have undergone rigorous testing to verify that they’re safe for your baby.

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for baby clothes is that your new addition will likely need several outfits a day. Diaper blow-outs, infant spit up and temperature changes are all normal occurrences that can ruin an outfit in a matter of seconds. You’ll also want to make sure you have some basics on hand in case you receive a few adorable outfits from family and friends or if you decide to register for a few items that you’d like to add to your baby’s wardrobe.

A muslin blanket is the perfect newborn accessory to have on hand. It’s a soft, lightweight cloth that you can drape over your baby or attach to their stroller or carrier to keep them from overheating. You can even use it to keep them warm while traveling in the car or during colder weather. Plus, it’s great for restraining their umbilical cord stump in those first 10-20 days (god forbid you leave the house with a bare ringlet stump—that’s what old-timers and Chinese women will scold you for).

Newborn kimonos are another outfit essential, especially if you have family and friends who plan to buy them for your baby. These are a little bit more formal than a muslin blanket and can give you a nice photo opportunity to capture your baby’s first moments. And don’t forget a hat! Newborns are the only babies who need a hat, and it’s best to get ones that are snug but not too tight so they can grow with your child.

The best hats for babies are made with natural fibers such as cotton or wool. A hat with an adjustable toggle is an extra bonus because you can easily adjust it to fit your baby as they grow.

In terms of baby shoes, it’s best to avoid any shoes with zippers until your child starts walking. Those can get caught on furniture, doorknobs and other things, which could lead to injuries. Instead, opt for leather shoes or sneakers that can be closed securely. And don’t forget a pair of scratch mittens to cover those sharp infant digits.