Donate Wedding Dresses to Charity

donate wedding dresses

If you have a beautiful wedding dress that no longer fits your budget, consider donating it to charity. Wedding dresses are a perfect item to donate to charity as they give a wedding couple a chance to start a new life. Not only are these dresses a great way to give back, but they can be discounted up to 80%. With the average wedding dress costing $1,900, you’ll be able to get rid of your old dress for a lot less!

A charity that accepts wedding dresses can be helpful to a bride who needs a dress for a military ceremony. Brides Across America accepts wedding dresses that are not older than four years. The organization will contact you if they need more information, such as the size of the dress. In most cases, these organizations will pay for shipping. However, in some cases, donations may not be accepted if the dress has become outdated.

Another charity that accepts donated wedding dresses is the nonprofit organization Forever Angels of Virginia. They serve hundreds of grieving parents. The organization’s website shows how these dresses can be used for many purposes, including as burial outfits. While most charities accept all types of wedding gowns, some have particular requirements and fees. To avoid hassles, contact organizations in advance and ask about their protocols and donation schedule. Most charities require wedding dresses to be less than five years old.

Donating a wedding dress to a charity that resells wedding gowns is another way to make the most of your dress. Some charities will only accept wedding gowns in certain conditions, but you can also donate them to a nonprofit that will repurpose the material. For example, if you have the lace and ribbons from your wedding dress, you can turn them into decorative pillows. With a little bit of sewing experience, even a beginner can turn a beautiful wedding dress into a handcrafted gift for a friend or family member.

Adorned in Grace is another organization that accepts donated wedding dresses and bridal accessories. This nonprofit organization is based in Portland, Oregon and was inspired by a wedding gown donated by a survivor of sex trafficking. Proceeds from these sales go towards human trafficking prevention and assistance for victims. Another charity that accepts donations of wedding dresses is The Bridal Garden. This nonprofit accepts all types of used wedding gowns that are less than five years old. These organizations typically sell wedding dresses from $600 to $4000.

There are many organizations that accept wedding dresses for resale. Some resell them at discounted prices and use the proceeds to support charities such as NICU Helping Hands. Other nonprofits recycle donated wedding dresses by turning them into angel gowns for babies in the NICU. All of these organizations make a positive difference in the lives of others. You can donate your wedding dress to charity with little or no effort by donating it to one of these organizations.