Donate Wedding Dresses to Nonprofit Organizations

donate wedding dresses

Rather than tossing your wedding dress in the trash, you could consider donating it to a nonprofit organization that will help a woman who needs a wedding dress. Not only will you be helping someone in need, you may also receive a tax deduction for your donation.

There are many charities that will accept wedding dresses. However, you will need to do some research before you donate a dress. Read their guidelines, and contact them to ask questions. You should also find out if they require the gown to be clean, as some organizations will not take a dress that has been worn.

You should also make sure the dress is in good condition, as molds and insects can damage a gown. In addition, some charity organizations will charge you extra cleaning fees if your gown is not in perfect condition. You should also check if your dress is eligible for a tax deduction.

Some charities, such as the Salvation Army, have a specific list of items that they will accept. You can check these guidelines on the organization’s website. You can also call the organization and ask if they are currently accepting donations. If the charity is not currently accepting donations, you should consider donating to another organization.

You can also donate your wedding dress to a non-profit organization that sells the gowns to raise money. The Brides Project is one such organization. They offer a free program to cancer patients, and they also sell donated dresses to raise funds. The dresses are sold at discounted prices. The proceeds go to the programs they sponsor.

Another organization that will accept wedding dresses is Adorned in Grace. This organization is based in Tennessee, and they provide support to survivors of human trafficking and preemies who are born prematurely. They also provide the dresses to birthing centers, hospitals, and funeral homes.

You can also donate your wedding dress and other bridal accessories to Goodwill Industries. This organization supports veterans, housing, and many other causes. They also sell donated items at discounted prices. If your dress is not washable, you can disinfect the item with disinfectant spray. They will give you a receipt for the tax deduction, and you will receive a shipping address.

You can also donate your wedding dress at Forever Angels of Virginia, a nonprofit that helps hundreds of parents whose children have died. They also work to prevent human trafficking and assist those who have lost a loved one. Several organizations will also accept veils, shoes, and other accessories.

You should always follow the organization’s instructions before donating a wedding dress. Some charities will only take dresses that are in excellent condition, and others will have stricter rules regarding the age of the dress. In some cases, a dress may be accepted, but it will not be used by the organization.

If you want to donate a wedding dress but aren’t sure where to donate it, consider Goodwill Industries. This is a well-known charity that has stores all over the country. They sell donated items at a discount and use the proceeds to help people in need.