How to Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

If you have a wedding gown you are no longer using, you can donate it to charity. While most charities are happy to accept wedding dresses any time of year, some may only accept gowns that are less than five years old. Donating a wedding dress can be a great way to help out a worthy cause and make a tax deduction, as well. If you are not sure how to donate your wedding dress, consider one of the following ideas.

Adorned in Grace accepts donations of wedding dresses and accessories, and converts them into beautiful wrappers for babies. This organization ships the gowns to hospitals or families in need, and will give them free of charge. Survivors of human trafficking can also receive help from these charities, which make donations of wedding dresses even more meaningful. If you would like to donate a wedding gown, you can do so through Adorned in Grace’s online donation form.

If you have a vintage wedding dress, you can also donate it to the Mary Madeline Project. This organization accepts wedding dresses for a variety of causes, including helping families with stillborn babies. While the organization is not specifically in the business of raising funds, the clothes are used by volunteers to create burial outfits for stillborn babies. You can also donate a wedding dress to a nonprofit organization like Brides Across America, which gives a home to thousands of women in need.

The Angel Gown Program collects donated wedding dresses from brides around the world. They make these wedding gowns into custom-made burial garments, which can give a bereaved family some comfort. The organization is currently in need of financial support to package and ship the bereavement garments, which they use to comfort grieving families. A donation of $100 will help these organizations collect and ship the donated wedding gowns, and you can make a difference in the lives of grieving families.

Donating your wedding dress is an excellent way to help the environment. Most wedding dresses are worn once, and they take up a lot of space in a closet. They also release toxic materials into the landfill. New clothing production consumes hundreds of gallons of water and contributes to 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. To donate your wedding dress, follow the steps above. Once the donation process has been completed, the dress will be ready for shipping!

Fortunately, there are many organizations who accept donated wedding dresses. The Salvation Army, for example, accepts wedding dresses less than five years old. It also accepts bridal accessories and other items. You can donate wedding dresses at Salvation Army stores or drop them off curbside. Goodwill stores also provide curbside drop-off services. And, if you want to donate your dress to charity, make sure to check the Salvation Army’s website for details.

If you prefer to sell your wedding dress, it may be worth trying to sell it yourself. The best time to sell your wedding dress is when it is in good condition and relatively new. Not only will you make a few dollars, but you will be able to offer a great deal to the buyer. There are many places online where you can sell your used wedding dress, and these options are the best ways to make a profit. It is also a great way to help charity.