Buying Baby Clothing For All Seasons

As any parent knows, babies can get very messy and need clothes that are durable enough for everyday wear and easy to wash. Organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics are ideal because they are breathable and help regulate body temperature, which is crucial for infants with sensitive skin (especially if they’re sleep deprived). They also don’t contain harsh chemicals or dyes that could irritate your baby’s delicate skin.

Look for fabrics that are certified to the GOTS standard or OEKO-TEX, which ensures that the entire manufacturing process — from harvesting the fibers to printing the designs — has been tested for harmful chemicals. Also be sure to check out the label for care instructions. The best way to keep your baby’s clothes clean and safe is to choose items that can be worn with a diaper underneath, which reduces the number of clothing changes and the amount of laundry you’ll need to do.

Consider buying a few pieces of baby clothing that are in larger sizes than your infant is currently wearing, to prepare for growth spurts. For example, a newborn can fit into 0-3 months outfits right up to about eight pounds, so stocking up on some of those can save time and money as you do more frequent loads of laundry.

In warmer weather, focus on lightweight and breathable baby clothes like one-piece rompers made of cotton or bamboo. Pair them with a blanket to wrap up your little bundle of joy, and don’t forget a cute hat to protect their head from the sun.

When the temperature drops, opt for heavier knit clothing like a baby sweater or cardigan, which will keep your little one warm without overheating. You might also consider a bunting, which is designed to keep your baby warm in cold weather and usually includes a hood. If you plan to take your baby out in the rain or on breezy days, a raincoat or windbreaker is an essential.

A winter hat is also a good idea to keep your baby warm, while a summer hat or sleeveless dress can keep them cool and comfy. A muslin blanket is an essential, too; it’s the perfect size to drape over your baby for a photo shoot or to cover their stroller or car seat when they need some extra shade from the sun.

And don’t forget a set of photo-ready outfits for those first special occasions, including their first holiday. You might even want to grab a coming-home outfit for those sweet newborn photos.