Reasons to Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

When you get married, the wedding dress that you wore on your big day has sentimental value long after your wedding. But if you never intend to wear it again, what are you to do with it? Instead of keeping it in a closet to collect dust, consider giving your gown a new life. There are many meaningful charities that accept preowned bridal dresses and give them a second chance at being worn on someone else’s special day.

The first thing to do before donating is to have the dress professionally cleaned. This prevents the fabric from getting damaged. It’s also a good idea to label the box with helpful information such as the dress size, the name of the designer, and the year it was made. This helps the charity volunteers find your dress more quickly and reduces the risk of it getting mixed up with other donations.

Next, research the various charities that accept wedding dresses before choosing the one to donate it to. Some of these include:

Brides Across America: This organization provides free wedding dresses to military brides and first responders who can’t afford the cost of a wedding. The nonprofit has been operating since 2012 and has given away over 2,000 dresses to those who need it most.

Adorned in Grace: This organization sells used wedding dresses in Washington and Oregon and uses the proceeds to support women-focused causes such as preventing sex trafficking. Forever Angels of Virginia: This charity repurposes donated wedding dresses into infant burial gowns or “angel gowns” for babies who die in the NICU.

Alternatively, you could donate your wedding dress to a local thrift store. There are plenty of these establishments in every town that are willing to take your unwanted wedding gown. Some of these organizations may offer a tax deduction for the donation.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, another reason to donate your wedding dress is that it takes up valuable space in your closet. Many brides only wear their wedding dresses once, but they’re tucked away in a closet or storage container afterward. If you donate the dress, you can make room for a few more pairs of shoes or some other items that would be beneficial to others.